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Only One Profound Thought

Only one Profound Thought
You may speak each day
Lest you become too heavy
My husband did say.

So while digging The Garden
She leant on her spade
And two profound statements
In quick succession were madeā€¦

Well! The donkey next door
Lost his cool
'Vivienne Elizabeth
Has broken the rules'

'At each profound statement
I'm asked to bray
But she's slipped in two
In quick succession this day...

...I was in my paddock
Munching new spring grass
The day was so beautiful
In the warm sun I did bask

Then over the Gate
I heard those insights
So I brayed my loudest
With all my might.

I thought to myself
Yes, I did that well
For it is my job
That the whole neighbourhood I tell

Then low and behold
Before I was ready
Before my stance
And my legs had become steady

I was asked
To Bray even louder
For no longer
Will a cloud enshroud her

She now has permission
To speak three or more
And effortlessly
She hits Right to the Core

Oh where is my Master
Perhaps Him I can tell
So many profound thoughts
She is pulling up from your well.

And frankly and honestly
It is just too much stress
To bray more than once
Will cause me duress.

How can I relax
In my paddock anymore
I know to Bray loudly
Is what I am created for
But my neighbour Elizabeth
Does she know when to stop
If she continues this way
With exhaustion I'll flop'...

...His loving Master
Gave him a pat
And gave him more hay
Then they had a long chat

'An asses cry
And The Trumpets Blast
Are both called 'To bray'
And The End is coming fast

So with plenty of food
You will be able to Bray
At every profound statement
That Elizabeth will say.

Just steady your legs
Raise your head
Open your mouth
Hear what she's said
Then strength will be given
For you now are mature
To abundant living
Many you will lure'

So listen intently
Then bray To The Nations
And I assure you
Life will become A Celebrationā€¦

...Yes, the neighbours prize Donkey
And Elizabeth are a great team
He Heralds The Way
For Elizabeth has seen
The Heavenly Realms
Revealing God's Son
Lets forecast This Vision
That His ultimate will is done.

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