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As The Beautiful White Casket

As the beautiful white casket
Was ushered down the church isle
By Patties grand nephews and nieces
Sad faces would smile

All of Patti's wishes
With much devotion were achieved
The music, photos flowers EVERYTHING!
Happened as planned we believe

.......The extended family and friends
Spoke of Patti from their heart
Both joy and sorrow were present
All admirably did their unique part

Many memories were added
At this celebration
Her cousins and friends
Carried her out on this special occasion

......We said our final goodbyes
With petals held by grand nieces
Then during lunch together
We seemed to join the many pieces

The conversations continued
At Patti's beautiful place
For her life we are so grateful
And for the depth of God's bountiful GRACE

.......To all her many friends
Who contributed so selflessly
You have blessed and cared for Our Sister

Written 31st July 2016

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