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Their Three Beloved Children.....(For Her Doctor)

Their three beloved children
Love her dearly
She is proud of them all
They act graciously

Her beloved sister
Calls her a "dumb cluck"
She's witnessed for 37 years
"That her marriage sucks"

.......At 77 years of age
So grateful for your care
Her hearts desire
Is to be Authentic and aware

Excess stress
Affects us greatly
She monitors her blood pressure
Been acceptable lately

Ulcer healed beautifully
When the district nurses left
This other sore
Left her emotionally bereft

.........born with a deformity
Rolled over feet
At two years old
This specialists did treat

Walked at two and a half years old
As the roll over was great
Is in a compromised state

Her orthotic supportive shoes
Rub her sensitive allergic skin
Her right leg is fine
Hard to know where to begin

This other ulcer
Above ankle on left foot
Has not healed
Saline upon this she puts

.....Feet up often
According to the district nurse's plan
This removes pain....
Excess cortisone use She bans

In residential care facility
She worked happily
Writing notes, following plans
Nursing others contentedly

Ruth is in her sixth year
Junior Doctor 2020.
In her Tiny Place
Her blessings are many

Her husband last week
Removed her out the door
His constant companion
Did this many years before

Challenged their drinking
His anger she did fuel
Boundaries were broken
She broke their rules

........She thanks her Doctor
A comfort to know she is here
Snippets of her life
She shares. She hears

.....Sorbolene Cream
With 10% Glycerine
Get this on prescription
Great for her skin it seems

Her wise council
That which she suggests
Much in her life
Her Doctor Invests

......May the good seeds sown
Flourish and flower
Bring comfort and understanding
Growth to maturity releases power!

Written 11th March, 2019

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