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Perseverance Or Stubbornness

Perseverance or stubbornness
Or Great Persistence
Continuing with Ones Plan
In spite of Great resistance?

Stubborn un moveable
Dogged determination
An unchangeable attitude
In spite of enlightened information

Standing on this foundation
When shakily in disrepair
Shutting ones ears
Refusing to hear ?

Rebels want control
Resist authority
The innocent suffer
This happens frequently

Narrow minded?
Resisting change?
Refusal to compromise or comply
To concepts being rearranged?

.......Stubbornness is destructive
Causing great and Irreparable damage
There is no place for this
Let's turn a New Page

Remain a victim
Under its control ?
Or chose FREEDOM
That we may honourably achieve our roleiiiiii

Ezekiel Chapter three
"eat the scroll
Speak my words"
That we may become whole

Your word I hid in my heart
That I may not sin against you
"I will send my angel to protect you
My people I will RENEW"

Written 9th July 2014

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