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The Absolute Truth - Placeofsprings

The absolute truth
About The Place of Springs......
She wrote in The Paddock
The insights He brings

She wrote in the cafe
On the train, in the bus
Anytime, anywhere
Without stress, without fuss

She wrote in the garden
Even on her bed
The wonderful allegories
That came to her head

She wrote prayers
Requested by others
She even penned quotes
Given by her sisters and brother

"Are you reacting or creating"?
This he placed in her hand
On a handwritten note
Her smile was quite grand

.......So what is The Secret
Off Placceofsprings
In all its imperfection
Hope and uniqueness it brings

The first Commandment
Number One priority
To put God FIRST in ones life
Love Him Devotedly

Written 6th October, 2018

......The grateful mother
Of three married children
She watches over these
Like old Mother hen

Their 6 grandchildren
9 years old to 22
All so delightfully
Insightful too

Wed legally
These 53 years
To her very first boyfriend
Friends forever, it appears

Belongs to an extended family
All precious and rare
May act 'reclusive'
But when needed will be there!!!

(Began writing ditty
At 7.15am
Completed by 7.45
By grace alone, Amen!)

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