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It Was Wet And Cold

It was wet and cold
She had nowhere to go
Her husband had abandoned her
Where he was she didn’t know…

She searched for shelter
In a desperate state
Now wet and miserable
She longed desperately for her mate

In quiet desperation
She said a little prayer…
All of a sudden
Of a small hole she became aware

Her pregnant body
She squeezed through that small space
Into a very dark
But dry warm place

In a wet weak state
She searched for nourishment
Her hurt heart longed
For some encouragement

As she searched for a warm corner
For her babies to be born
She found a pile of ancient papers
That were shredded and torn

Suddenly the door
Between the garage and the house
Opened a little
For this very distraught mouse

Behind the refrigerator
Was a lovely warm place
She seized the opportunity
Of this refuge and secure space

From the refrigerator dish
She drank clean cool water
And remembered with thankfulness
All her mother had taught her

…”When a marriage vow is dishonoured
And we choose to do what’s right in our own eyes
When what’s bad appears to be good
And what’s detrimental to family disguised

Know God is merciful
And ready to forgive and restore
As we give Him our lives
He will OPEN a NEW DOOR”

…Molly stayed hidden
For quite some time
Then she crept out to steal food
After suppertime

Sadly she left evidence
Of where she had been hidden
And mice in that home
Were absolutely forbidden

The hunger pains in her tummy
Bypassed her sound common sense
So was she unaware of THE TRAP
With its spring set so tense

…An abandoned mate
Like Molly is vulnerable
So before we choose to leave
Lets STOP and THINK what’s honourable

Ephesians Chapter 5 verses 25 to 33

Theme Mr Noble – Verse Elizabeth
7th February 2005

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