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God Views Earth with Compassion

God views earth with compassion
Knows the malady of mankind
He created man and beast
Without His GRACE we remain blind

Some go on pilgrimages
Some fast in monasteries
While some pursue their own passion
Without ever getting on their knees

Some love rituals
The Traditions of men
Do we read the Holy Bible?
Are we forgiven, born again?

.......she peered out The Carriage Window
The trees are in blossom
Being grateful for LIFE
What else have we forgotten?

.......Things don't just happen
There is a MASTER PLAN
A Sovereign God who rules
And guides The Destinies of Man

One day we'll be engulfed.
View our whole life
The good, bad and ugly sights

The highest form of LOVE
Forgives unconditionally
His restoring power
Heals our soul, completely....

Written 4th September, 2018

Psalm 119 verse 49 & 50

"Remember your promise to me
It is my only hope.
Your promise revives me
It comforts me in all my troubles"

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