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When A Wheeler-Dealer

When a Wheeler-dealer
Has 'marbles in his head'
Makes 'loud noises'
Does he Hear what is said

When our First Focus
Is Upon financial gain
We buy at a good price
And unbendable remain

.......Marbles in the head
Make a noisy sound
"Get the BEST PRICE"
By this concept are we bound

Sound common sense
Will prevail
When the marble is removed
Then we 'lift our life-boat's sail

Driven by gentle breezes
Our 'self made existence'
Will become null in void
Along with stubborn persistence

.......meek and teachable
We will become
When all is laid bare
And we become ONE
With our Maker
And one another
Genuinely concerned
For the real need of our brother

Written 14th July 2013

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