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What Is The Good of Religion?

What's the good of your religion
If it cannot make you smile
What's the good of being pious
If you're gloomy all the while

What's the good of a religion
that will never help you be
A joyous happy creature
Full of love and sympathy?

What's the good of your profession
As a follower of the Lord
If your are not made sweeter, better
And your life with His accord

What's the good of being a Christian
If none are helped thereby?
Just as well be born a heathen
And a heathen live and die


🌻 🌻 🌻 Wednesday's I spend time
With a gracious 104 year old
We talk, we share
Secrets are told

We talk about things
Relevant to our time
But best of all
She gave me THIS OLD RHYME

She has a note book
Created by her mother
In it pasted poems
So old, like no other

I treasure these times
And the cookies we share
Are also home baked
Made with loving care

The Westgate Baptist church
Sits upon the land donated
By her and her husband
To Their Master, so devoted

Written before the sandwiches were made to take to her 9th September 2015

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