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Would You Believe!!!

Would you believe
She was on her bed
Our daughter entered
This is what she said

"Your escort has arrived"
Oh where are my clothes?
My Papillon became distressed
As he was asleep on my toes

......I fumbled in the dark
Couldn't find the right way
Received a loving welcome
Felt comfortable to stay

As the guitar was strummed
Beautiful songs of praise
Drifted to Heaven
I was thankful and amazed

.......My Father in Heaven
Please clean up my act
You placed me here
This is A FACT

Were these faithful souls aware
My clothes were on the floor
I was 'far from ready'
When He came to my door

.......A beautiful mist
Sparkling from The Light if His Glory
Thousands of diamonds were suspended
Because of His Good News story

Amen. Written 18th May 2013

New wine in NEW wineskins
Out with the old
In with the NEW
Obedient to all we've been told

With The anointing oil
The ten maidens were prepared
Intimacy of relationship
The five wise shared

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