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Oh Once Upon A Time 🎵

Once upon a time
On a hill far away
A hermit built her home
And forgot to PLAY

Here she sought solitude
Yet deep within her soul
She thought seriously
About her unique role

.......One day a stranger
Came to her hut
After a long conversation
She realised she was "In a rut"

Had her behaviour patterns
Become dull and boring
Were similar routines
Preventing her from soaring

Unable to Rest?
How could she reach her potential?
Know TRUE MEANING, be blest?

.......The carriage she entered
Took her on a joyous ride
The Conductor who taught her
Constantly was by her side

Here she played and prayed
Lived LIFE simply
Cherished every lesson
Pertaining to humility, purity and Eternity

Written Port Waikato on the 6th June 3015

Psalm 83 verse 18

That they may know that You,
whose name alone is the LORD,
Are the Most High
over all the earth 🔑🔑🔑

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