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Father Teach Us

Father teach us
How to pray
Oh to be still
And hear what you say

You do not condemn us
When we fall and fail
When we punish ourselves
Our own coffin we nail

Repetitive requests
You hear all over again!
Give us the grace
To make our plea plain

...My saintly nephew
Is sorely afflicted
Yet of the smallest failure
He is convicted

He tries so hard
To be aligned with you
You have taught him much
He seeks what’s true

My request
Is many will pray
Under your annointing
In a compassionate way
That you will bring healing
Restoration and truth

And he will become
Living proof

That these kind of afflictions
Lose their power
As your people unite
With their prayers this hour

Release him Father
Set him free
Empower and anoint him

Never again
Will he reach such despair
Your people have sought you
You will hear and repair

To this type of suffering - Many remain blind
May this vessel now – Aid mankind

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