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We know not where to start
Life presents its challenges
We play our own part

Of the Most Importance
Are the precious memories
Of people like you Ngaire
Here are some of these

.......When isolated at Bothwell
The animals were our friends
The cosy cottage you established
Created memories that never end

We watched you peel potatoes
Done so perfectly
Your homemaking skills
Intrigued us frequently

......The first chapter
When eleven years of age
You were twenty two
Much I could write of this stage

You influenced my life
In ways quite profound
We owe you so much
You were such fun to be around

.......may I express
Ethne is selfless and kind
We call her mother duck
A better sister one couldn't find

Her leadership qualities
With her 'gift of insight'
Her role as mother and grandmother
Fill our family with delight

Much she hides
Unless she is asked
Uncle Matt is a wise man
Together they achieve amazing tasks

......I think of you often
Where do we begin?
Our Mum and Dad were exemplary
Instilling virtues deep within

You saw their suffering
Came to their aid
Leaving a legacy of "precious happenings"
That for all eternity will never fade

......."He who dwells
In The Secret place
Of the Most High"
Knows His Gift and Abiding Grace 📚

Written 11th March, 2018 Grandson Luke's 20th Birthday

On Placeofsprings 12/04/2018 Our Sons 42nd Birthday

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