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A Child Who's Been Dominated

A child who's been dominated
Pushed around and belted
Needs a pure form of love
For his heart to be melted

He's programmed from childhood
To be anti-authority
He learns life's lessons
The hard way – sadly

Deep, lasting relationships
Are harder to form
For he's always felt rejection
From the day he was born

So the words 'Give and take'
In his vocabulary
Have come to mean
'No! I won't' – frequently

Chances are he's kind
Compassionate and true
And helps many others
When they're feeling blue

He may also be gifted
With a high I.Q.
But his parent's attitude
Has taught him to feel blue

For what should be sunny
He'll see as rain
And passing opportunities
He'll miss again and again

Emotionally damaged people
Need a supportive family
Yet they seek empathy
With damaged souls – tragically

They know domination
So they choose a mate
Who will show displeasure
When they arrive home late

For these damaged people
Have needs of their own
So they often abandon
Their family home

They do a host of things
Without thinking them through
Rash decisions made through need
Are bound to make one blue

And so a dominated
Belted young boy
Will find it difficult
To really enjoy

The fullness of life
As God intended

And then three wives later
When his life is ended

He'll stand at the judgement
As a damaged soul
All because his parents
Denied his right to be whole

Stubborn and rebellious
Pig-headed he'll be
Unless he's transformed
By grace and set free.

Ephesians Ch 2 verse 8
Romans Chapter 12 verses 1 & 2

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