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BLOOD MOONS - What is coming?

What is coming?
What does this mean ?
From REALITY am I running?

Am I frantically blindly
"Following my nose"
Unaware of world events
And planet earth's woes

Am I concerned
About my eternal state?
Obliviously unaware
Of "The Unredeemed fate"

.......Outside The Carriage
The stars are magnificent
The moon so beautiful
Glorious, Resplendent

God's two great lights
The greater rules the day
The lesser rules the night
Genesis Chapter one does say

.......Gently The Conductor
Placed his hand on her shoulder
The comfort he bestows
Makes the older ones bolder

.......he placed her pen in her hand
And said with a loving smile
"Write that which you glean
In your own unique style"

Written Thursday 19th March 2015

A MUST WATCH - for all my family

U Tube "BLOOD MOONS: What 's coming in 2015? Mark Biltz

*** VERY RARE 8 times in the last two thousand years ***

Revelation Chapter six verse 12

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