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Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup
A ‘season to remember’
We celebrate this day
The ninth day of September

Kiora and welcome
To the visitors to our land
May the memories formed here
Exceed what’s planned

Here in the ‘The uttermost
Part of the earth’

May your visit birth
Something of eternal worth

New Zealand is an island
With beautiful scenery
Green hills lakes and mountains
Beaches and rivers to see

.....Amidst the celebrations
Let's take time to reflect
Upon our newest challenge
‘The Force of Nature’, with respect

Our city of Christchurch
Will rise again
In this NEW ERA
Never again the same

.....May the twenty nations
Enjoy ‘Playing the Game’
Then take back to their homelands
Something of eternity that remains.

Written 9th September 2011 Psalm Chapter 3 verse 3

“But you, O Lord, are a shield around me; ....the one who holds my head high”

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