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Suddenly A Freight Train

Suddenly a freight train
Roared through The station
.......Quite unexpectedly!
God will move through The Nations.......

Those who are ready
Walk by His side
Their relationship is intimate
Like that of a bride

"To know Him is to love Him"
These know the time is near
Eagerly awaiting His arrival
His inner voice these hear

They know His forgiveness
Repented of their sin
Their life belongs to Him
His Holy Spirit dwells within

Like never seen before
In this Time In History
LOVE and GRACE open Heavens door

Many will look upon
The one they did pierce
His Glory His Majesty
His Power NOW is fierce

.......He came first as a lamb
Sacrificed his life
Now he roars like a lion
Removing evil and its strife

.......This is The Time
The hour, The Day
When TRUTH is revealed
In A Most Awesome Way

.......Religion or relationship?
God's will or mine?
The choice has been THE SAME
From The Beginning of Time

.......Why stand on the platform
Lost desolate left behind
Receive His Gift of Grace
He is merciful and kind.

Written 16th October 2013

Love John Chapter 17 awesome

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