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She Sobbed Then Wailed

She sobbed then wailed
‘Today is Saturday
And I’m in ‘time out’
When my friends are at play’

She kicked the door
And shouted abuse
‘Please be quiet mother said’
But she simply refused

‘Should I smack her’?
The young mum thought
‘How can this wilful child
Right behaviour, be taught’

‘All I did
Was cross her will
Now she is punishing me
With screams that are shrill’

Very calmly
She opened the door
‘When you are quiet
You may come out and what’s more
You can play in the garden
With your special friend’
But her angry screams
Still did not end

Mother was tired
‘What can I do next
How can I train this child
Her behaviour makes me perplexed?’

‘Should I smack her
Or learn new skills?

This disruption of our home
Is making the whole family feel ill’…

‘Simple obedience
Is all I require
A happy home
Is my hearts desire’

…When Nana arrived
The child was still in ‘time out’
From that small room
You would hear angry shouts

‘Please sort her out’
Her daughter said
‘She has not eaten her breakfast
Or made her bed’

‘All she has done
Is scream at me
The more she gets her own way
The more wilful she seems to be’

…Very calmly
Nana opened the door
‘I don’t want you she said
What have you come here for?’

‘I want my mummy
You go away’
Her Nana sat down beside her
And ignored the bad words she did say

‘I told you, she said
Go away’
Nana remained calm
And did not join the fray

In an angry outburst
She kicked Nana’s leg
Should I smack her she pondered
For wisdom she did beg

‘We never kick people’
She said assertively
‘I will’, she replied

At this Nana took her
By the hand
‘You are not the boss, she said
Nice girls don’t fuss, kick or demand’

‘I want you my love
To do as you are told’

Then she took her hands
And firmly these she did hold

‘Where are we going?’
We are going for a walk
‘Oh no I’m not
At first she did balk
Then she realized
This old Nana knew the skills
That would restore peace
And make a child’s heart still

‘Good girls get treats’
Nana spoke very gently
‘What would you like to do’?
She communicated kindly

‘Shall we go for a walk
And pick wild flowers
And then attach these
To the old rose bower?’

‘Shall we make Mummy cookies
Or fly a kite
What would you like to do?
But first let’s make your bed for tonight’

All of a sudden
The child began to cry
Nana held her close
For she knew why

‘Your mother loves you
So very much
Let’s make her
A nice sandwich for lunch’?

...At the end of the day
Mother returned
There was a joyous reunion
And ‘Miss Wilful’ had learned
Some necessary skills

Which bring a child to obedience
Then a smack is seldom needed
To get their compliance

…Break the will
But their spirit, never
A child’s spirit is eternal
So must remain free forever

‘Spare the rod
And spoil the child’
The rod is symbolic for discipline
Let’s not be beguiled

Written 16th May 2007

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