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Alcohol and Petrol

Alcohol and petrol
Are a deadly mix
Bring the two together
And we put others at risk

An alcoholic beverage
May bring one temporary pleasure
But how can we measure pain
When we lose someone we treasure.

Alcohol and petrol
Upon a set of wheels
May turn to be our torture
And our remorse may be real
But who can undo the damage
The grief, pain, the scars
Wisdom says travel safely
With only pure petrol in our cars.

…As we drive along life’s journey
Alcohol in excess
Will neither enhance family life
Or resolve long term, our stress…

Like ‘drinking and driving’
Our choices can acutely effect another
To stop and think, before we drink!!!
Is being responsible towards each other.

15.9.1992 Ephesians Chapter 5 verse 17 to 20

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