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A Frustrated Farmer

A Frustrated Farmer
Spoke to Mother Hen
“Why are you in in THE DARK
Sitting on ‘Old Eggs’ again!”

So he searched the neighbourhood
For eggs from a 'fine' chook
Placed them in the nest
These for her own she mistook.

She kept them cosy
Until each one did hatch
Three fluffy chicks emerged
But the fourth one didn’t match

She loved all her chicks
With unconditional love
Oblivious one was different
Some said “Its a Dove”

One hen in the barnyard
Was cruel and unkind
“That chick is odd”, she said
Mother hen must be blind

.....So the different chick
Did her very best
Not to react but be kind
Even when removed from THE NEST.

Profoundly sad
She would shed silent tears
Oh how she longed to be accepted
By her peers

The farmer knew
Of her plight
So when she became mature
One cold dark night
He opened the enclosure
So she could escape
‘To A Place of Rest’
‘A place that was safe’

She walked alone
On her 'Road to Discovery'
Her wounded soul
Hindered her recovery.

Why could she not fly
Upon ‘The Mountain of Learning’
“Me, Myself and I” had to die

.....When perched on a ledge
To her utter surprise
She could see in the distance!!!
Things that humans disguise

She flapped her wings
Until they became strong
Often she pondered
“Where do I really belong?”

.....High above
She saw a bird flying high
He soared on the wind currents
With great relief, she did sigh

Her heart rejoiced
When He landed by her side
Things of Eternal value
With her He did confide

.....Accepted respected
As a family member
Treasured, unique
This her grandchildren remember.....

.....And where is Mother Hen
By the Hen House door?
Sharing with the young roosters
God’s Royal Love Law.

Written High in the Hills 7th May 2012

* * * * *Worldly systems represent the hen house
The mountain is where one grows* * * * *
Are Our Leaders like the roosters
That draw upon THE LOVE mother hen knows?

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