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Dear Brother Andrew

Dear Brother Andrew
Thank you for your prayers
Your concern was appreciated
Our Father, He hears

.....We came to Greenlane
Upon the train
Enjoyed a roast meal
And would love to come again

In the ‘Time of Worship’
The people did feast

The lights were subdued
His presence increased

.....Words can never express
The depth of ‘The Dark Night’
May ‘His Kingdom Come’
May ‘His Light’ reveal what’s right

.....Many like my friend
Endure ‘great pain’
Are sleep deprived
Yet faithful remain

You both were gentle
Loving and kind
To ‘Our Real Needs’
You were not blind

.....We are His people
Called as ‘His Bride’
In this ‘Intimacy of Relationship’
We abide by His side

On His Alter
We have placed ‘All Things’
Our hopes. Our dreams
Treasures He brings

Perfect peace
Eternal relationships
Will never cease

Philippians Chapter 1 verse 25

.....continue to help all grow and experience THE JOY of OUR FAITH

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