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With Her Head In A Whirl

With her head in a whirl
Her heart raw and sore
Her life saving threatened
She could become poor

She waited anxiously
Fretting and thinking
With the earth under travail
Many with SORROW were sinking?

She knew for certain
She’d be welcomed by her Master
Within His garden was comfort
For those facing disaster

.....HIS WORD is so precious
She reads it prayerfully
In His light we see LIGHT
To perceive truths clearly

.....In these last days
There are famines and wars
And a falling away
Of man obeying Gods laws

Samuel anointed David
His pain is recorded in the Psalms
As he worshipped his Creator
He knew His ‘balm of Inner Calm'

.....”Come my beloved
Joy filled her soul
He is ‘The Word of life'
In His Presence we become whole

Written 5th August 2011

1 John Chapter one verses 1 to 10

“He is the Word of Life”

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