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To Smack Acceptable?

To smack when angry
Is not acceptable or right
And child abuse
Scars a child with ‘hurts blight’

“Spare the rod
And spoil the child”
Is to discipline consistently
Resolving to be calm and mild

In a loving environment
Where there’s mutual respect
The parent’s example
The children will reflect

Do we really need ‘to smack’
When we use the ‘positive parenting skills’
Which inspire what is acceptable
These ‘self esteem’ instil

.....Child abuse
Is a criminal offence
Calmly correcting a child
Displays ‘sound common sense

Written 20th June 2009

My wise Father
Often said to me
“To put an old head on young shoulders
Just cannot be!!!

It take’s time and patience
To learn the ‘positive parenting skills’
Which mould our children
That their destiny they’ll fulfil

.....THE ROD is symbolic
Of discipline and correction
May our relationship with our children
Be OUR WISDOM’S reflection

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