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You Turn Your Ear My Father

You turn your ear My Father
To listen to me
You are my foundation, my fortress
Here I hide in safety

I have trusted you from childhood
You have been by my side
My faithful friend ALWAYS
Even when it's been 'A bumpy ride'

You never abandon your own
I will tell everyone
I am never alone

Your power, your faithfulness
The wonderful things you have done
We learn much in hardship
We learn much when having fun!

.......I love singing your praises
All your promises are TRUE
YES I told The Conductor
That my life belongs to you

He smiled so sweetly
Did not say a word
But I knew He knew
Our Heavenly Father had heard

......my Carriage SO COSY
His presence abides in This Place
A profound peace overshadowed us
Unfathomable GRACE!

Written 7th day of June 2016 - For my sister Patti

Based on excerpts from Psalm 73

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