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Lazy Maisy

Lazy Maisy
Basked in the sun
Her tummy was full
The early milking was done

The maize was swaying
In the gentle breeze
And the birds were singing
That morning in their trees

“I’m a lucky cow”
She thought wistfully
I belong to Elizabeth
Who treats me respectfully

She has been given
A red Aussie Car
“You will need this”, they said
To spread OUR MESSAGE near and far

.....From North Cape to the Bluff
Townies will be aware
The dairy industries example
Will be displayed EVERWHERE

.....Maisy looked at her
With her big doleful eyes
She was proud of her performance
Her emotions she couldn’t disguise

.....When Elizabeth was young
She worked for the Black and White breed
She typed records and advertisements
About ‘The Breed that Suceeds’

But her beloved Maisy
Is a Jersey Friesian Cross!!!
But she is recorded
A decision made by the boss

If she produces a son
He will be reared for meat!
But a replacement heifer
Would be such A JOY to greet.

Written 16th March 2012

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