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GOLDIE'S BUSH - High In The Hills

Goldie's Bush
High in the hills
In beautiful Waitakere
Here we become STILL

........Waiting at the Garden
On the park bench
Something had been exposed!
Causing a new "Worldwide stench"

Her soul was wearied
Over a period of time
To walk bush tracks
For her was sublime

.......Emotionally compromised.
Feeling nauseated
Wounds not healing
Body exhausted

.......Were we aware
Of the damage being done
The resulting pollution
Our Kauri NOW the threatened one

......To her utter surprise
The Conductor found her by the gate
His compassion revealed
Self interest can dictate

.....In a moment of time
Goldie's Bush was their destination
Amidst stunning native flora
The birds sang with jubilation

In the beautiful glade
Amidst the tall Kauri tree
Now threatened with "die back"
They walked together, happily

Their destination
Three magnificent waterfalls
And rock pools to paddle in
With no fence or boundary walls

They walked together
What should we do now?
This place shut to the public
To protect The Kauri, but how?

.......He knows THE ANSWERS
To the predicament we face
As they stood beneath the waterfalls
She knew the meaning of HIS GRACE

Sustain the soul
Bring Healing to our environment
Our Kauri?
Our Goal!
Our Role?

Written 2nd October, 2018

Proverbs Chapter 4 verse 25 to 27

"Look straight ahead,
and fix your eyes on what lies before you.
Mark out a straight path for your feet;
Stay on the safe path.
Don't get sidetracked;.......

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