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As We Treat Our Beloved Children With Love

As we treat our beloved children
With love and respect
Have a firm but kind attitude
Our example they’ll reflect

Young children are forgiving
Trusting and pliable
A good “role models” example
Teaches what’s acceptable

Positive parenting
Abiding by these skills
Creates good self esteem
Control and dominance kills

......So she nurtured her children
With caring listening LOVE
And her Father in Heaven
Showered down blessings from ABOVE

.....When The Conductor entered
She bowed her head
Then the child on her knee
Gently said.....

Nana, please Nana
Can we walk along the beach
Can I hold J Jay’s lead
Him what can I teach?

She tied him to the post
Told him to sit
“Good boy”, she said
And he didn’t mind one bit

.....To just “enjoy nature”
One does not need to be clever
These precious memories
Remain forever

Written 20th July 2010

“...And everyone who loves The Father
Loves His children too”

***Big or small – short or tall***

1 John Chapter 5 verse 1

The Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth

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