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A Colourful Wood Pigeon

A colourful Wood Pigeon
Sat in the plum tree
Calmly Contentedly
For all to see

We all remained SILENT
Lest he flyaway
We moved a little closer
Unfazed He did stay

.......He seemed unperturbed
"Oh so beautiful", we expressed
Maybe like THIS FAMILY
He had come here to REST

.......We observed the plums
Small, green but prolific
RIPE SOON, how terrific

.....later that day
He visited again
To the very same tree
This native bird came

Maybe this PLACE
Has special significance
Solace and restoration
No matter what our Circumstance

.......The blessing of Our Creator
Be upon all who REST here
Nature displays His handiwork
For all to share

Written 15th November 2014 at beautiful BUSH CLAD Coromandel

Psalm 129 verse 8

+*+ “The blessing of the LORD be upon you;
We bless you in the name of the LORD!” *+*

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