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She Had Dug For Herself - DEEP HOLE

She had Dug for herself
A rather deep hole
It all began
With not having A goal

So she came to HIS GARDEN
That early morning hour
With a heart
Sad sore and sour

Those things she held dear
Seem to be in that deep hole
Oh to fulfil easily and happily
Her God appointed role

Just what has happened?
Is it plain old age
It is never too late
To 'turn A New Page'

What is ailing her
Christmas can be 'stressful'
Then it is 'holiday time'
Her life is plentiful

But something very subtle
Is holding her down
Wetting her wings
Causing her to drown!

Her sisters decision
Placed over her a shroud
You spoke to her of 'THE THREE SHAMES'
Which to her were spoken rather loud

Her pathetic protests
Caused her family pain
In this deep dark hole
It is not expedient to remain

.......Others health issues
Bring uncertainty
All that medication!
Awareness of eating healthily! ???

Those who abide here
Those with 'A precious soul'
Those with long time health challengers
That hinder 'long term goals'

.......So she stood before
Her Redeemer, her King
In an unfinished home
Much strength, you bring

.......Many on earth
Live life as an invalid
Achieving very little
Upon this dark hole, place A lid

In the face of health issues
Many prematurely sell?
Keep it safe for Our Family!
May their lives be lived well

Yes we need your Grace
Plenty of space
That these simple heart felt ditties
Be shared with The Human Race

......when he greeted her
Compassion showed on His face
Oh the malady
Of the hurting human race

Famines wars
Natural disasters
Earthquakes by the dozen
Our homes need extra strong rafters

The framework of her home
Father please make extra strong
Her first love is her Maker
To Him she does belong

.......He gave her a garment
Spotlessly clean
They walked together in His garden
On lawns immaculate and green

Written 4th December 2016

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