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Why Bolt The Gate When The Horse Has Gone

Why bolt the gate
When the horse has gone
Why not search the enclosure
For what we did wrong

Did we speak harshly - Act unprofessionally
Use dominance or control - Or strut arrogantly?

Did we ask our life’s partner
For their input first
Were we ‘full of the booze’
Then into the situation burst?

Did we first give a warning - Explain how we felt
Or did we put around his rump - Strokes from a leather belt?

.....No discipline is nice
At the time
But when the horse has bolted
And taken what is mine...
We then ask the question
Has this happened before?
Did we make an excuse?
Or deny making another sore?

..... Our Master asked the horse - What has happened to you?
The horse replied with tears - "I'm with the other twenty two"

"These all have been whipped
By dominance and control
Yes we know we did wrong
But oh how wounded is our soul"

.....Our Master looked grieved
Then gently He replied
“As my Divine Order is established
My people will have the attributes of My Bride”

"A Great Light will now shine
On all division
The meek and the teachable
Will receive great provision"

.....When the gate is locked - The enclosure becomes bare
What joyful celebrations – When His people become aware.....

On a Medallion of PURE GOLD – Is beautifully engraved
HOLY TO THE LORD – Yes, from SELF we are saved!

Exodus 28 verse 36

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