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Oh to be Loyal

Oh to be loyal
She said with a faint smile
Then sat in silence
For a very long while
Then all of a sudden
The donkey next door
Brayed very loudly
And she thought ‘what is that for?’

So she ran to the front gate
To see why his call was distressed
It was the evening hour
When the birds were going home to nest

He was locked in a small pen
With a bare dirt floor
Why are you here?
Are your legs lame or sore?

You have been so loyal
Dependable and devout
Faithful, reliable
Your position you didn’t flout

Each profound thought
That came to Elizabeth’s head
For many years
You’ve heard what she said
And now your reward
Is to be in an enclosed place
A relieved look
Now came upon his sweet face.

I patted him gently
And said, all will be OK
And he nudged me contentedly
In His own unique way.

Don’t tell your master
But here is some seeded silver beet
For she valued his allegiance
This he gratefully did eat…

…She sat with him
For a very long time
Heard the full story
As to why his legs were not fine

He lived in a lush paddock
And had eaten too much
Now because of his weight gain
He was being rationed dinner and lunch

But still he remains
Faithful, constant and true
To his own heart

No matter what others may say, think or do.

Elizabeth 13.2.2003 Philippians Chapter 4 verse 8

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