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Mr Religious On His Horse

Mr Religious
And shouted SO LOUDLY
‘This is the RIGHT COARSE’

As Miss Simplicity
Trotted gaily by
He bellowed at her
‘In God’s name, try’

She took a course
Suited to her pony
‘Can’t you see,’ he said
‘That way is rough and stony’…

Mr religious
Guided many with his words
Do this, not that
Is all that they heard

He knew the scriptures
And quoted these day and night
He would never be corrected
Thinking he was always right

When Miss Simplicity
Completed her course
He was still shouting orders
His voice was now hoarse

…Miss Simplicity
Gave him a loving smile
Quiet calm and rested
She was ready to trot another mile

Written 9th April 2006

Mathew Chapter 11 verse 28 to 30

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