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The Winters Evening

The winters evening
Was cold and grey
W.A. Dromgoole expressed
In his poem about A HIGHWAY

…A very old man
Was walking this that day
When he came to A CHASM
That was wide and steep in every way

In the dim light of twilight
This chasm the old man did cross
The cold water held no fear
He suffered no loss

But he turned when safe
On the other side
And built a strong bridge
To span the tide

“You are wasting your time”
A fellow pilgrim made plain
As your journey will end
And you will not pass this way again

Why build this bridge
In the evening time tide?
When you have crossed the chasm
So deep dangerous and wide!

…The builder then lifted
His grey old head
Good friend he replied
Then these profound words he said

“A youth will follow
After me this very day
His inexperienced feet
Will pass this way

This chasm which offered
No threat to me
To this young life
A pitfall may be

He too must cross
When the twilight is dim
‘I am building
This bridge for him”

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