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Hover Over Australia (Bush Fires)

Hover over Australia
Send Heavens Rain
Comfort your people
In their loss, their pain

This terrible tragedy
Has broken many hearts
This Natural catastrophe
Much anguish imparts

.......The Call to Prayer
As smoke reached New Zealand
Holy Father
Reach down your hand

Bring AN END
To this "Hellish Fire"
May your WISDOM GUIDE us
In that which you require

.......You are forgiving
Loving just and kind
To Natures fury
How can we be so blind?

Change in Climate!
Global warming or pollution?
Tilting of earth's axis?
Father you have The Solution

........The CALL to seek you
Many on their knees
Some angry and defiant!
We need your Divine Intervention, please

Never before in History
Have fires been like these
Your word tells of your ŁOVE
For us, the animals and trees

.......Blest are those
Who "call upon JESUS name"
Yesterday, today and FOREVER
Our Heavenly Father, is the same

Loving accepting and kind
Towards that which He Created
Even when we can act blind

.......Oh for eyes to see
Ears to hear
Hearts to LOVE and respect

Relationships are eternal
So religion in our head
Dissipates when The First Commandment
Is appropriated INSTEAD

WRITTEN 6th January, 2020

The Conductor sat by her bed
Weeping most of that day
He took her hand
What did He say?

"Come to me all who labour
I will give you rest"
For He knows best

Mathew 11 verse 28 to 30

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