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An Elderly Wise Gentleman

An elderly wise gentleman
Was waiting in The Foyer
He had come this day
To communicate with His Lawyer

This man loved The Land
Was Highly respected by many
He was well educated
Worth "A Pretty Penny"

He displayed integrity and wisdom
Always firm kind and fair
So why was this gentleman
This day sitting here

The Lawyer had called him
To clarify some concepts
Answer some questions
As his closest family had wept

........when he entered their office
He commanded their respect
The Lawyers stood silent

For quite some time
What they perceived
Was rather Sublime

Their attitude changed
When they realised
His depth his mana
Yes they were surprised

One question was asked
To which he replied
"Yes for the betterment of our children
And our children's children, he sighed

.......A document was signed
That very day
Enabling the Family Heritage
To be distributed THE RIGHT WAY

This man was Our Father
Three knew his heart
Treasured The Inheritance
Which gave them A GREAT START

The Heritage he protected
Given to charity ?
He bowed his head in sorrow
And the lawyer wept inconsolably

Written 6th August 2016

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