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Invited to a Retreat
Oh so nice she thought
Home made bread
To the venue she'd bought

Met with disapproval
At first she wondered why
When she realised her MISTAKE
Inwardly she did cry

She said she'd bake cookies
But instead she baked bread
Which they had counted on
Had she forgotten what she'd said?

......The second MISTAKE
We were all given a flower
And told to place it
Where we thought we were "AT NOW"

Was placed on the floor
Flowers were placed on it
What was in our hearts core?

.......Where she longed to put
Her precious flower
That space had been taken
She paused and wondered how
Two flowers
Could be in the same spot
So she moved the other a little
Protocol for a moment she forgot

.......Suddenly she was swiped
Right across the knee
By the same elder who had received
Her bread ungraciously.

.......her husband had abandoned her
She had become a solo mum
Her Mother died when she was thirteen
Had another saga just begun

Little did she know
What lay ahead
Lessons to be learned
A NEW maturity in her head?

........being smacked !!!!
No big deal for another
But this soul had been wounded
By the loss of husband, Father and Mother

Her parents were older
Wise, fair and mature
She was disciplined, not smacked
So was trusting and secure

.......She got out her knitting
Buried her head
Did not want to stay
Just cried inside instead

.......when the retreat ended
The final prayers were said
Oh how she longed for her bed

She wanted to cry
Once again felt alone
God's Anointing filled her heart
With a kind of authoritative tone

Was she to pray
An anointed prayer?
Trained from birth
Was this why she had been bought here?

"I am hurting"
She made this lame excuse
But nevertheless
Her Master she would never refuse

.......After the last prayer
She stood on her feet
"My Father in Heaven
From your mercy seat
And by the authority
You invest, in those who love you
Send your FIRE Fire FIRE
Reveal powerfully what's TRUE"

.......she picked up her knitting
Fled down to the beach
The tide was coming in fast
Her Father she did beseech

"They will call the elders
And remove me from the congregation"
She placed her knitting on A rock
In absolute desperation

She walked upon the sand
Then to her surprise
She noticed the incoming tide
Up the rock would soon rise

She ran to her knitting bag
Rescued it in time
Went to collect her things from the camp
But all was not fine

Her heart had been broken
Again, got things wrong?
Frightened the new believers?
For her home in the hills she did long

..........She saw the incoming tide
Coming in so fast
"These are the last days
All believers must cast
Me Myself and I
On the alter of His Grace
Learn The Lessons
That all Humans ultimately will face"

.........with remorse she repented
The church was set alight
It was efficiently repaired
To the congregations delight

She remembers the insights
That come in painful ways
God treasures our willingness
To learn His Divine Order, These Last days

Written 11th October, 2018

Psalm 119 verse 5 & 6

"Oh, that my actions would consistently reflect
Your decrees!
Then I will not be ashamed
when I compare my life with your commands."

Verse 8

"I will obey your decrees
Please don't give up on me"

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