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When She Entered The Carriage

When she entered The Carriage
To her amazement and surprise
She could hardly believe
What was before her eyes

Red and gold drapes
Flowed to the floor
Plush light reflecting velvet
She gently shut the door

Placed her head in her hands
And began to cry
Overwhelmed by His generosity
Unaware Time had passed by

.......early next morning
She was woken by a thud
The train had stopped abruptly
All around it was mud

Many were scrambling
To come inside
A strange phenomena
Made many desperate to hide

.......The Conductor was aware
Of their desperate plight
Believe and receive he would say
Repent and do that which is right

.......Elizabeth He called
Many are willing to hear
The 'Journey in The Carriage'
Delightfully you share

Written 24th November 2014

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