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My Dear Friend

My Dear Friend
“Have I been unkind”?
We all have challenges
And blind spots in our mind

It takes immense courage - To lay down our beliefs
When she did so - Oh the relief!

Professional people
Bring healing and hope
When working with ‘special needs’
These are ‘The Lifeline Rope’

.....Life can be tough
When pushed, pulled and rejected
When we live in denial
From reality we’re disconnected

.....Very forgiving
Nice to be near
But the witch and implant beliefs
Society finds hard to hear.....

.....Her training had taught her
Not to ’challenge a belief’
Just listen and smile
But oh the grief
When the situation worsens
When help is available
Oh to recognise the condition
That’s socially unacceptable

.....We all need security
Somewhere of our own
How can one be complete
When in acute pain all alone

.....Here there’s a bed - Reserved for you
We all need help
To base our beliefs on what’s TRUE

It can be isolating - Here in the hills
So much of her time - Her family fills

She also realized - That some who came here
She thought were evil – Why so bound by fear?

.....Oh to be happy
Secure, healed and whole
Her children spoke with respect
“Mother, you do well your role”.

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