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A House Of Healing

There is a house of healing
Where the weary may go
Full of light and warmth
Here beautiful things grow

A haven you could say
A place so secure
Filled with love and kindness
* A garden so pure *
Where the air is clean
And the view so clear
Lay your head down
And forget your fear

A place you can sleep
And have peaceful dreams
Gather strength and courage to face life
As the world can be mean

Like a bird leaving its nest
To start its life
Fly into the wind
Not sure of its flight
But the house of healing
Will always be there
A breath of life for the weary
Forever a place in the heart, that cares

Written 7th November 2007
by Hiraani Rieck
who came to live at The Place of Springs recently

She titled this poem
The House of Healing
and wrote it to My Husband and I

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