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In Her Distress.....

In her distress
She offered a prayer
Of her dilemma
Her beloved family were aware

Her Doctor's advise
"Ring Mental health Support"
As she had arrived with NOTHING
She applied what she'd been taught

.......A room of her own
A toilet and shower nearby
A cooked meal, food provided
Lost family, WHY?

.......Words cannot express
The trauma one feels
When she wants us to believe
What society views as unreal'

Implants, being tracked!
Yet her real personality
Is calm kind and caring
Yet switches frequently

The spurious side
Leaves us undone
Sadly many believe
We are not the only one

.......so A decision was made
Provide a lovely room
A cooked meal and food
Unpaid board causes gloom!

......Family so cherished
Oh to be available for them all
At this age and stage
Mature people STAND TALL

Be the person
Created to be
Unhindered, FAITHFULLY

Written 13th February, 2017

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